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arm lifting up a kettlebellHi and welcome!

We have one simple goal: to provide you with the most useful, practical, interesting, and up-to-date fitness information available.

fitFAQ.com was launched way back in 2003 and the Really Useful Fitness Blog was one of the Internet’s very first “weblogs” dedicated to fitness and health tips. What started off as a hobby project quickly turned into one of the most popular fitness-related websites in the world.

After taking some time off we recently decided to resurrect the blog and turn it into something even better. If you’re interested in things like healthy weight loss, muscle building, looking good, and feeling great you’ll like what you find here!

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Cutting-edge fitness news and research
  • Powerful dieting strategies
  • Efficient exercise/workout methods
  • Expert weight loss advice
  • Practical supplement tips
  • Helpful product reviews
  • Interviews with knowledgeable trainers, writers, and fitness professionals
  • Funny and motivational fitness stuff

Please help us out by leaving your own questions, tips, reviews, links, and other feedback while you’re here. Also, be sure to subscribe to our updates, like our Facebook pagefollow us on Twitter, and share your favorite posts with friends and family.

Also, if you’re a fitness expert and would like to contribute a helpful article or guest post please visit our article submission page.

Thanks and enjoy the site! 🙂


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