Training Like a MMA Superstar

If you really want to get “functionally” fit and super-lean you should consider training like a mixed martial arts fighter. MMA guys (and girls) exercise in ways that maximize strength and minimize bodyweight. Nearly all their workouts burn tons of bodyfat while building a good amount of lean muscle mass. Their cardiovascular conditioning is off the charts and they enjoy fantastic overall fitness.

One of my favorite current fighters is UFC Lightweight world champ Benson Henderson. The guy is an absolute beast, both in the ring and in the gym, and works out harder than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. He also eats/diets like a crazy person. Tomorrow he’s going to fight another of my favorite fighters Gilbert Melendez, a guy who’s well-known among MMA fans but is new to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

I can’t wait to see this fight. It could easily be the best fight of 2013! Remember you heard it here first… 😉

Here are some great videos showing how a champion fighter trains. Feel free to incorporate some of the methods into your own workouts:

It seems like shoe-less basketball and jumping rope are a great cardio combo! 🙂


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