Best Fitness Guides & Blogs Online

outdoor TRX suspension training workoutOn this page you’ll find a list of fitness-related guides and blogs we consider to be among the best on the web. Let us know if there’s something we should add. Thanks and enjoy…

Fitness Guides

These are extremely helpful step-by-step guides anyone can use to reach their fitness goals faster!

Fat Loss 101: How to Lose Fat Fast — A short, easy-to-follow outline for burning fat and losing weight in a fast but safe/healthy way.

“Eat Like A Predator, Not Like Prey”: The Paleo Diet In Six Easy Steps — A fantastic, easy-to-follow guide to getting started with the all-natural paleolithic diet (one of the best eating plans for fast weight loss and long-term health/fitness).

The Very Best Way To Lose Weight and Keep It Off — A boring, scientific, and highly-effective weight loss method from the Cleveland Clinic.

A Beginner’s Guide to Gaining Muscle — A very detailed, in-depth “FAQ” style guide to gaining muscle mass and dramatically boosting strength. Includes weight lifting, diet, and supplementation tips among other things.

The Best Muscle-Building Weight Exercises — Overview of the best “foundational” weight lifting exercises people have been using to pack on muscle mass for a very long time (from! 🙂 )

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Building Muscle & Strength — Bodyweight exercises and workouts should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. This article outlines 20 of the best bodyweight movements for building muscle and “functional” strength.


Best Fitness Blogs

Below you’ll find a short list of our favorite fitness-related blogs. They’re all chock-full of useful fitness goodness!!

Nerd Fitness — Practical advice from a fitness geek.

CrossFit Journal — The official CrossFit blog.


Know about a really fantastic and useful fitness guide or blog? Tell us about it!


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