We’re Back!

Hi… and welcome back!

After a very long “break” we’ve decided to resurrect fitFAQ.com and the Really Useful Fitness Blog. This site was originally launched way back in 2003 and featured one of the web’s first true fitness weblogs. The site/blog became very popular and was getting 1000’s of unique visitors per day at one point.

Eventually other projects and time commitments — along with several hacker attacks, tons of comment spam, and some major server problems — caused us to basically “abandon” the site for a few years. We stopped updating it and moderating comments and, predictably, the traffic and interest slowed to a trickle.

But now we’re back and we have some big plans to create an all-new website chock-full of fresh, useful, and interesting fitness-related content. You’ll find practical tips, expert articles, in-depth product reviews, helpful videos, curated news, great links, and much more — all related to exercise, diet, weight loss, muscle building, supplements, workout machines, etc.

Please be sure to check back often, subscribe to our updates, like/share your favorite posts, and take a moment to leave your feedback. Thanks and enjoy the new site!


– The Editors

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