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Simple Tips for Finding the BEST Workout for You

park bootcamp workout

Tire dragging workouts: always fun!

One of the most common fitness questions, especially during this time of year, is:

“What the heck is the best workout for me?”

The overly simplistic answer is: “The workout you enjoy most, can do on a consistent basis, and that provides you with the fitness results you want.”

The actual answer is a bit more complicated, especially if your exercise experience is limited.

There are literally 100’s of different workout options available to the typical person. Many people, especially fitness beginners and “newbie” exercisers, feel overwhelmed when they look at all the different types of exercise, workout equipment, gyms, classes, DVDs, books, gadgets, etc. etc. Confusion and frustration can easily set in, which is not good when you’re looking to get motivation-boosting results quickly!

So, what really is the best workout for you?

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