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Aqua-Jogging Your Way to Pain-Free Fitness

photo of a woman working out with the AquaJogger in a poolWhen I was younger my uncle owned one of the first running shoe specialty stores in the United States. He always got the newest running and fitness gadgets before just about anyone else. But, of all the cool shoes, clothing, watches, sports drinks, etc. that he sold in his store, the product I liked best was something called the AquaJogger.

The AquaJogger is basically a foam belt that suspends you at shoulder level in a pool and allows you to comfortably ‘jog’ in place in the water. It provides one of the most enjoyable impact-free workouts you can imagine!

But, as much as I enjoyed playing with it as a kid, it wasn’t until much later — after suffering several serious sports injuries (including leg-muscle tears and severe ankle sprains) — that I discovered the true value of this remarkable piece of fitness equipment. Not only does the AquaJogger provide a very enjoyable, pain-free workout but it allows you to perform an incredible variety of rehabilitation exercises all by yourself.

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