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What is Runner’s High & How Can You Use It?

runner's high on a beach

Most people have heard the term “runner’s high” — the euphoric state a long-distance runner experiences during a long run — but many don’t really know very much about it. What is it exactly? What happens during the “high?” Do only runners get to enjoy it? Is there a way to trigger it automatically?

And, maybe most important of all, how can this unique feeling be used to get into even better shape?

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers…

Where Does the Term Come From?

It was during the original 1970’s “running boom” that the term “runner’s high” became popular. It was even mentioned in the 1st bible of running: The Complete Book on Running, by Jim Fixx. In those early days, many hard-core distance runners became well-known for acting like “junkies” who were always chasing their next “high”… in other words, their next hard workout or race!

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The Best Abdominal Exercises, According to the Experts

female pole vaulter showing off abdominal strength

This is a very common question we get:

“What are the best ab exercises I can do?”

People know that strong abs and a tight “core” are very important for overall fitness, injury-prevention, and body aesthetics. The abs, along with the lower back, protect some of the most vital organs in your body, while also assisting in nearly every movement — making them extremely important for athletes. But they are also one of the first things people look at when your shirt comes off.

And who doesn’t want a lean, flat, sexy, “fitness model” stomach or a bodybuilder’s perfect “six pack” to show off during pool season? 🙂

There are literally 100’s of different ways to work your ab muscles on your way to a strong core and pain-free back. But which abdominal exercise are really the best? If we had to choose only 2, they would be hanging leg raises and Swiss ball roll-outs because these movements provide multiple benefits beyond just working the abs (e.g. increased functional strength and great spine stretching/lengthening).

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