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5 Great Fat Loss Hacks: Lose Weight the Healthy Way With These Tricks

5 of the best fat loss hacks to lose weight faster!

Looking for a safe and healthy way to lose weight fast? Need some high-powered “tricks” for forcing your body to shed unwanted pounds rapidly? Then you’ve come to the right place…  🙂

It all comes down to optimizing your body for fast, efficient fat burning. In this case, “optimization” means giving your body what it needs to switch on its natural calorie-burning, fat-melting mechanisms (hormone production, metabolism, etc.).

Diet, exercise, and supplements — individually — can all help to optimize your body for rapid fat loss. But it’s the synergistic combination of all 3 that’s the real secret!

By doing things the right way, you’ll burn fat without sacrificing lean muscle tissue or damaging your metabolism. And you’ll lose weight without starving yourself or using other drastic measures that can risk your health and/or make you feel horrible.

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Simple, Fast, Safe Fat Loss: A Proven Formula

activity plus sweat equals fat lossWithout a doubt, one of the most common questions sent to us is:

“How can I lose weight/fat/pounds fast?”

That’s often followed up with questions about the effectiveness of some hot new diet, popular workout program (hi P90X nuts!), costly fat loss supplement, or infomercial exercise gadget. Most people assume that losing weight quickly needs to be complicated, complex, very difficult, risky, and/or expensive.


Because that’s what we’re taught, that’s why!

The worldwide “fast weight loss” industry is worth billions of dollars and corporations do a ton of marketing to convince us that we need complicated plans and high-priced products if we want to get a lean, fit body in a short amount of time.

But here’s the truth: burning fat and losing weight quickly does not have to be complicated. In fact, if you know what you’re doing, the process can be very, very simple. It can even be “easy” if you’re able make a plan and stick to it for just a few weeks.

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Simple Fast Fat Loss in a Nutshell

photo of a walnut in its shellOne of the most common fitness-related questions in the world is: “What’s the best way to lose body fat fast?” People want fast, simple, easy-to-follow, and (hopefully) safe methods to get rid of unwanted belly fat and blubber. There may be no single “best” fat loss method but one thing’s for sure: burning body fat in a rapid, efficient manner doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or dangerous.

Losing pounds of fat can be accomplished within just a few months by focusing on proven metabolism-boosting, lean muscle-building diet and exercise methods. Here they are in a nutshell:

Eat a simple diet based around 100% natural whole foods: mainly meats, vegetables, raw fruits, nuts, large seeds, no processed/refined sugar, and only a small amount of starch. Avoid grains or at least keep them to a minimum. Eat just enough to support energy  levels and muscle repair.

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