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Echo: The First Smartwatch for Sports & Fitness Nuts

fitness girl showing off her Echo smartwatch

In case you haven’t heard, “smartwatches” are the next big thing in terms of personal technology. At least according to some. They combine many of the benefits of the latest smartphones with those of the best fitness tracker bands.

But, so far at least, there aren’t too many smartwatches dedicated to the fitness/outdoor/athletic market. Luckily for us fitness nuts, GPS device-giant Magellan is changing that.

Their new “Echo” watch is a very cool and capable fitness-oriented gadget that’s bound to be a hit in our niche. If you hate trying to interact with workout apps on your smartphone while you’re, you know, working out you’ll really love this thing. It’ll track your heartbeat, pace, cadence, distance traveled, laps, and a whole lot more so you don’t have to.

It also tells the time pretty well.  🙂

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Wearable Fitness Gadgets: The Next Big Thing in Consumer Tech?

Wearable fitness gadgets were BIG at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These new products promise to track your fitness levels, improve your workouts, and help you live a healthier life… all while looking “cool” enough to wear for hours every day (or, in some cases, 24 hours a day!).

Check out the video below for quick overview of this year’s CES fitness highlights:

It will be very interesting to see if fitness bands, smartwatches, and other wearables finally “catch on” in a big way in 2014. We’ll be testing and reviewing several of the most popular options in the next few months… so stay tuned!

More here: Wearable gadgets search for mainstream appeal

What do you think about the new class of “wearable” fitness electronics? Leave your comments below!

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MAX Trainer: The New Bowflex Interval Cardio Super-Machine

promo photo of the new Bowflex MAX Trainer cardio machineBowflex — a high-end Nautilus brand — is best known for its unique home gyms, innovative TreadClimber cardio machines, and useful SelectTech dumbbells (probably the best adjustable dumbbell system currently on the market). Now they’ve just released a new product that they surely hope will be known as the best interval cardio exercise machine available: the MAX Trainer.

High-intensity, interval-based exercise (aka “HIIT”) is truly amazing, especially when it involves the full body. Almost nothing gives you a bigger “bang for the buck” in terms of fitness, weight loss, and cardiovascular conditioning results. Interval training has been proven to burn fat incredibly efficiently while preserving and, sometimes, even increasing lean muscle mass.

Bowflex’s new machine is like a stair-stepper combined with an elliptical trainer… on steroids. It’s designed to provide short, intense, high-efficiency workouts in the comfort of your home. They claim it provides the “fastest, most effective workout” the company has ever created.

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