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The Fastest Way to Get Fit: New Studies Show Best Burst Training Strategies!

female sprinter getting fit fast!

Sprinting = Fast Fitness Results!

The idea that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — aka “burst training” — is one of the best ways to burn fat, tone muscle, and get fit fast is nothing new. Many of the world’s top fitness experts have been recommending it since at least the early 90’s. A significant amount of scientific research has proven its effectiveness in recent years, showing that it can help you achieve better fitness in less time than conventional cardio workouts.

Simply put, interval-based workouts involving short bursts of very intense exercise burn calories and body fat efficiently while¬†dramatically improving cardiovascular health at the same time. Oh and it does all this without almost any of the negative consequences involved in typical “long, slow” aerobic exercise.

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Stanford Study Proves Diet + Exercise Works MUCH Better


Top fitness experts have known for years that the best way to lose body fat, build/tone muscle, and get fit quickly is a synergistic combination of diet and exercise. Now the “theory” has been prove by science.

Researchers from Stanford found that changing exercise habits and eating habits at the same time provides much better results than trying to make the changes sequentially. The diet-first approach many weight loss “experts” — and popular commercial diet companies — promote doesn’t work nearly as well as a diet/exercise “one-two” punch combo!

And if you do prefer to tackle one challenge at a time, it may actually be better to start a regular exercise routine before trying to make major diet changes. According to top Stanford researcher Abby King:

“It may be particularly useful to start both at the same time… If you need to start with one, consider starting with physical activity first.”

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