Practical Fitness Tips from CrossFit Champ Rich Froning

Rich Froning is, without a doubt, one of the fittest people in the world. The CrossFit Games champion is a freak of nature who can do crazy stuff with barbells and jump ropes. Recently he shared some very useful tips for turning yourself into a world-class athlete… or at least an insanely fit office worker.

Here’s a summary:

+ Don’t stick to a strict training plan. Mix things up and “listen to your body” to determine what it needs, exercise-wise.

+ Don’t worry too much about supplements. You should get all the nutrition you need from a healthy diet. (Rich take protein and amino acids supplements but he’s not 100% sure they actually help.)

+ Squat. It’s one of the most essential exercise for total body fitness.

+ Sleep a lot. Rich sleeps up to 10 hours per night!

+ Do active recovery instead of taking “off days” from training. Rich rides his mountain bike when he needs a break.

+ The “thruster” is the best exercise in the world. It’s a squat plus press in one fluid movement and it works all your muscles.

+ You don’t need a strict diet if you do enough exercise. Rich doesn’t follow the typical “paleo” diet many CrossFit fans favor.

+ Eat some sweets. Rich has no problem downing an entire apple pie in one sitting.

+ Gyms aren’t necessary. Bodyweight exercises and a tree branch for pull-ups are fantastic. You can build an ultra-effective $200 home gym with a basic pull-up bar, a few weight plates, and a medicine ball!

More good stuff here: CrossFit Champ Rich Froning’s Fitness Regimen

Here’s a great video showing how Rich spends his days:

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