The 7-Minute Science-Backed Workout

Getting fit, burning fat, and looking great isn’t nearly as difficult as most people think. All it requires is some consistent, focused effort… a good, clean diet… and some proper exercise… maybe a few helpful diet supplements (completely optional!)… and voilà: a fit, toned, sexy, healthy body!

Now science has proven that short bouts of effective exercise can provide BIG amounts of health and fitness benefits. A recent article in the  American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal outlines a high-intensity, interval-based, 7-minute workout that most people can do at home — with no equipment — and provides an array of benefits.

According to article co-author Chris Jordan:

“There’s very good evidence [that high-intensity interval training provides] many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training but in much less time.”

Recent studies from several universities and institutions show that small amounts of intense activity produce some pretty amazing changes in the body, at a molecular level, that compare to what happens after hours of slow endurance/cardio training. Short bouts of high-intensity activity involving the major muscles of the body, intermingled with brief rest/recovery periods and properly ordered to allow partial muscle recovery, has proven to be an incredibly effective way to burn calories, build/tone muscle, and get fit in a very short amount of time.

Learn more here and check out this helpful video from Lifehack:

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