5 Great Fat Loss Hacks: Lose Weight the Healthy Way With These Tricks

5 of the best fat loss hacks to lose weight faster!

Looking for a safe and healthy way to lose weight fast? Need some high-powered “tricks” for forcing your body to shed unwanted pounds rapidly? Then you’ve come to the right place…  🙂

It all comes down to optimizing your body for fast, efficient fat burning. In this case, “optimization” means giving your body what it needs to switch on its natural calorie-burning, fat-melting mechanisms (hormone production, metabolism, etc.).

Diet, exercise, and supplements — individually — can all help to optimize your body for rapid fat loss. But it’s the synergistic combination of all 3 that’s the real secret!

By doing things the right way, you’ll burn fat without sacrificing lean muscle tissue or damaging your metabolism. And you’ll lose weight without starving yourself or using other drastic measures that can risk your health and/or make you feel horrible.

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Echo: The First Smartwatch for Sports & Fitness Nuts

fitness girl showing off her Echo smartwatch

In case you haven’t heard, “smartwatches” are the next big thing in terms of personal technology. At least according to some. They combine many of the benefits of the latest smartphones with those of the best fitness tracker bands.

But, so far at least, there aren’t too many smartwatches dedicated to the fitness/outdoor/athletic market. Luckily for us fitness nuts, GPS device-giant Magellan is changing that.

Their new “Echo” watch is a very cool and capable fitness-oriented gadget that’s bound to be a hit in our niche. If you hate trying to interact with workout apps on your smartphone while you’re, you know, working out you’ll really love this thing. It’ll track your heartbeat, pace, cadence, distance traveled, laps, and a whole lot more so you don’t have to.

It also tells the time pretty well.  🙂

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How to Lose Weight Fast — A 5-Step Plan for Rapid Results

photo of delicious shrimp paleo  salad

By far the most frequently-asked questions we get from visitors are related to “fast” weight loss methods. The questions are usually along the lines of:

“How can I lose X-amount of weight in X-amount of days/weeks?”

Most people want to lose 5, 10, or even 20 pounds within 7 – 30 days. They want to do it in a way that won’t kill them or cause long-term damage to their health. And many want a method that doesn’t require any significant amount of  risk or “pain” (in terms of crash dieting, extreme workout routines, dangerous pills, etc.).

While it is possible to lose 10 pounds in a week, it’s not recommended. That kind of weight loss is usually not real weight loss, because many of the lost lbs are from lean muscle tissue loss and/or “water weight” reduction.

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The Best Abdominal Exercises, According to the Experts

female pole vaulter showing off abdominal strength

This is a very common question we get:

“What are the best ab exercises I can do?”

People know that strong abs and a tight “core” are very important for overall fitness, injury-prevention, and body aesthetics. The abs, along with the lower back, protect some of the most vital organs in your body, while also assisting in nearly every movement — making them extremely important for athletes. But they are also one of the first things people look at when your shirt comes off.

And who doesn’t want a lean, flat, sexy, “fitness model” stomach or a bodybuilder’s perfect “six pack” to show off during pool season? 🙂

There are literally 100’s of different ways to work your ab muscles on your way to a strong core and pain-free back. But which abdominal exercise are really the best? If we had to choose only 2, they would be hanging leg raises and Swiss ball roll-outs because these movements provide multiple benefits beyond just working the abs (e.g. increased functional strength and great spine stretching/lengthening).

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5 Reasons Why Intermittent Fasting = Faster, Healthier Weight Loss

Fresh lemons in water

Lemon water: a great fasting beverage!

We’re always searching for the best methods to burn fat, lose pounds, and get fit in the fastest healthy way possible. There are literally thousands of different strategies and tactics for getting rid of unwanted body fat quickly, but only a few can be considered truly “great.”

Until relatively recently we weren’t big fans of weight loss diets and programs that involve lots of “fasting”… mainly because so many of them are pure BS and/or dangerous fads. Things like simply not eating for long stretches of time (several days at a time), extremely low calorie diets that last for weeks, and other “starvation” diet methods (aka crash diets) definitely do not, generally, lead to good things.

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