Green Coffee Bean Supplements May Not Help You Lose Weight After All

photo of fresh green coffee beansOne of the most popular of the “Dr. Oz Miracle Supplements” may not be as good as we thought, at least according to the results of a new research study from Australia. All those supposedly healthy compounds found in unroasted coffee seeds — including chlorogenic acid, hydroxycinnamic acid, GCA, Svetol, antioxidants, etc. — didn’t help a group of mice avoid weight gain on a 3-month high-fat diet.

And here’s the even worse news: the mice fed a chlorogenic acid-based green coffee extract every day became much more insulin-resistant than the mice who didn’t get the diet supplement. High insulin-resistance is associated with type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, and other serious health problems. So that’s not good at all.

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The Truth About “Negative Calorie” Foods & “Fat-Burning” Foods

photo of green and orange chili peppersOver the past few years “negative calorie” and “fat burning” foods have become hot topics. Several popular weight loss plans are based around consuming these supposedly high-power diet foods. In general, they are plant foods (mainly vegetables) that are very high in fiber and water content but low in calories. But, according to some, very lean meats/proteins can also fall into the fat-burning food category.

The big question is: can they really help you lose weight in a faster, safer, and/or easier way?

The basic theory behind negative calorie foods is that they contain fewer calories than the human body needs to digest them. So, the thinking goes, if you eat them in large amounts you’ll be able to more easily burn calories, even with a full stomach and very little hunger. If you eat only negative calorie foods — at least according to the theory — you’ll create a big net calorie deficit and be able to lose weight quickly without any other effort (like exercising).

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Stanford Study Proves Diet + Exercise Works MUCH Better


Top fitness experts have known for years that the best way to lose body fat, build/tone muscle, and get fit quickly is a synergistic combination of diet and exercise. Now the “theory” has been prove by science.

Researchers from Stanford found that changing exercise habits and eating habits at the same time provides much better results than trying to make the changes sequentially. The diet-first approach many weight loss “experts” — and popular commercial diet companies — promote doesn’t work nearly as well as a diet/exercise “one-two” punch combo!

And if you do prefer to tackle one challenge at a time, it may actually be better to start a regular exercise routine before trying to make major diet changes. According to top Stanford researcher Abby King:

“It may be particularly useful to start both at the same time… If you need to start with one, consider starting with physical activity first.”

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High Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

Fiber is really one of the “secret weapons” of fast, safe, healthy weight loss… as well as long-term weight maintenance. It fills you up and makes it much easier to cut calories without being extremely hungry all the time. Nearly all high-fiber foods are good for you and most are packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other valuable nutrients.

The best fiber-rich diet foods are vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, and whole grains. Watch the video below to learn how to select high-fiber foods next time you go grocery shopping:

More good stuff here:

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Training Like a MMA Superstar

If you really want to get “functionally” fit and super-lean you should consider training like a mixed martial arts fighter. MMA guys (and girls) exercise in ways that maximize strength and minimize bodyweight. Nearly all their workouts burn tons of bodyfat while building a good amount of lean muscle mass. Their cardiovascular conditioning is off the charts and they enjoy fantastic overall fitness.

One of my favorite current fighters is UFC Lightweight world champ Benson Henderson. The guy is an absolute beast, both in the ring and in the gym, and works out harder than almost anyone I’ve ever seen. He also eats/diets like a crazy person. Tomorrow he’s going to fight another of my favorite fighters Gilbert Melendez, a guy who’s well-known among MMA fans but is new to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

I can’t wait to see this fight. It could easily be the best fight of 2013! Remember you heard it here first… 😉

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