Echo: The First Smartwatch for Sports & Fitness Nuts

fitness girl showing off her Echo smartwatch

In case you haven’t heard, “smartwatches” are the next big thing in terms of personal technology. At least according to some. They combine many of the benefits of the latest smartphones with those of the best fitness tracker bands.

But, so far at least, there aren’t too many smartwatches dedicated to the fitness/outdoor/athletic market. Luckily for us fitness nuts, GPS device-giant Magellan is changing that.

Their new “Echo” watch is a very cool and capable fitness-oriented gadget that’s bound to be a hit in our niche. If you hate trying to interact with workout apps on your smartphone while you’re, you know, working out you’ll really love this thing. It’ll track your heartbeat, pace, cadence, distance traveled, laps, and a whole lot more so you don’t have to.

It also tells the time pretty well.  🙂

Best part in our opinion: the Echo has a badass battery and a shock-resistant body. So you can strap it to your wrist before a strenuous day hike and not worry about knocking it around or having the thing die on you. It’s also a lot more practical in some situations than lugging around a delicate iPhone.

But if you do bring along your smartphone, the Echo will communicate with it wirelessly , streaming your personal data to any workout/fitness app you choose. The smartwatch currently works with most of the most popular sports/fitness/outdoor activity apps on the market, including Wahoo Fitness, MapMyRun, and Strava.

This is not a skinny watch by any means, but few feature-rich smartwatches are. And if you’re used to wearing a G-Shock or any of the other bulky sports watches you won’t notice much of a difference. It features a nice, easy-to-ready display and comes in several cool color combinations. With a price starting at under $130 for the basic package it’s very reasonably priced.

Bottom line: The Magellan Echo is a great early entry in what is sure to be a hot niche category within the exploding smartwatch market. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes tend to be early adopters when it comes to cutting-edge technology/gadgets, so we expect these things to sell well. If you get a chance to test one out, please let us know how you liked it!  🙂

More here: Magellan Echo from PC Mag

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