The Many Benefits of Jumping Rope

photo of a simple jump ropeIt’s surprising to many people but jumping rope is one of the best, most beneficial forms of exercise you can do!

The typical jump rope weighs only a few ounces, costs just a few dollars, and can be used to workout almost anywhere there’s a floor. Rope jumping can be done alone or with friends and can easily become a part of your weekly fitness routine. Best of all, once you get the movements down and build up some conditioning, it’s extremely enjoyable and very, very fun!

Here are a few of the major benefits of jumping rope…

Extremely Effective

It’s considered by fitness experts to be one of the most efficient forms of cardiovascular exercise, capable of burning up to 20 calories per minute and over 1000 calories per hour. It tones all the muscles in the body, especially the important leg, hip, and glute (butt) muscles. Jumping rope can improve your conditioning quickly while increasing athletic ability/skills at the same time: agility, coordination, timing, rhythm, and endurance all factor into a proper jump rope workout!

Easy for Most People to Learn

Although it can seem difficult at first, most people are able to become proficient at jumping rope fairly quickly. There are many different methods and intensity levels, but they all have benefits. The key is to find a comfortable floor, start off slow, and improve a bit every time you pick up a rope. (Note: If you’re very out-of-shape or have some form of injury, you’ll probably have better results with another form of cardio workout, at least at first!)

Very Enjoyable

Once you get the hang of it, rope jumping can be very fun and enjoyable. In fact, one reason it’s so effective for burning calories/body fat, improving cardio conditioning, and maintaining great fitness is that it’s so enjoyable. Like other intense, rhythmic activities and sports, it’s very easy to “zone out” and not even realize how much exercise you’re really doing. This is one reason why so many highly-conditioned athletes — especially boxers and MMA fighters — are able to jump rope for long periods of time without tiring mentally. Jumping rope is also very “free form” and lends itself to creativity and improvisation.

Incredibly Low Cost

A very good-quality leather jump rope can be purchased for less than $25. A decent-quality plastic jump rope can be bought for $7. Compare that to the price of a treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bike. Jumping rope is literally accessible to everyone and is one of the cheapest forms of highly-effective exercise known to man!

As Portable as Can Be

It’s hard to think of another piece of exercise equipment that is more portable than a jump rope. Light plastic ropes can be coiled up and carried in a pocket. All you need is a small square of floor and a ceiling that’s high enough in order to get a fantastic cardio workout nearly anywhere.

Great Kids’ Workout

Most kids naturally love to “skip” rope. In fact, young children are often able to become “good” at jumping rope within days or even hours — much faster than the typical adult! It’s the ideal exercise for quickly improving fitness level, building self-confidence, and showing a kid that exercise really can be a lot of fun.

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Photo by Pernilla Rydmark

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