Stanford Study Proves Diet + Exercise Works MUCH Better


Top fitness experts have known for years that the best way to lose body fat, build/tone muscle, and get fit quickly is a synergistic combination of diet and exercise. Now the “theory” has been prove by science.

Researchers from Stanford found that changing exercise habits and eating habits at the same time provides much better results than trying to make the changes sequentially. The diet-first approach many weight loss “experts” — and popular commercial diet companies — promote doesn’t work nearly as well as a diet/exercise “one-two” punch combo!

And if you do prefer to tackle one challenge at a time, it may actually be better to start a regular exercise routine before trying to make major diet changes. According to top Stanford researcher Abby King:

“It may be particularly useful to start both at the same time… If you need to start with one, consider starting with physical activity first.”


Interestingly, the Stanford geniuses chose to specifically study busy people — the type who most commonly complain of having too little time for healthy habits. They reasoned that, if they could develop successful programs for these people, the programs would work for just about anyone.

They found that the busy participants who changed exercise and eating habits at the same time were much more likely to meet specific fitness-related goals related to time spent exercising and healthier eating habits. People who started working out before changing their diets also had success, though not as much as the diet/exercise combo group.

The Bottom Line: The best way to lose weight and get fit quickly and efficiently — even if you’re busy and stressed out — is to combine proper diet with an effective exercise routine!

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Photo by: Arya Ziai

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3 Responses to Stanford Study Proves Diet + Exercise Works MUCH Better

  1. Megan Lynch April 30, 2013 at 5:29 am #

    Now that science has already proven the effectiveness of this combination, I hope everyone will try to follow it. Our body needs enough food to function properly and of course, for our training. Without food, our body will not build any muscles and we will not recover properly as well.

  2. Andreas June 9, 2013 at 9:15 am #

    Changing your health habits definitely requires balance between diet and exercise. It’s so important they go hand in hand. Just because you eat right and look healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you have a strong cardiovascular system. Working out is crucial for being well rounded.

  3. Jen June 21, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    I thought this is already universally accepted as a fact.

    The funny thing is that “scientists” are now claiming they don’t offer weight loss benefits after all. It wasn’t that long when we read all those news stories about the “HUGE” weight loss effects of green coffee bean extracts.

    Hopefully scientists don’t find any evidence to show that exercise + diet is not the best weight loss solution.


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