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fitness guest blogging opportunity!We’re always looking for fresh, useful, and very high-quality fitness-related content. If you’re interested in submitting an article or “guest post” there are a few guidelines you must follow:

1. All content must be 100% unique (not found anywhere else — online or offline). Everything submitted is checked carefully using CopyScape and other plagiarism-checking tools.

2. All content must be exclusive to this site. You must promise not to post it or allow it to be posted on another website in the future.

3. All content must be very well-written and free from spelling and grammar mistakes. We can make small corrections but please be sure to double-check your spelling and grammar before sending your article.

4. All content must be related to fitness, diet, exercise, supplements, weight loss, muscle building, exercise machines, workout products, etc. We accept “medical” topic articles on a very limited basis and only if they are extremely informative, well-written, and related to improving general health and well-being.

5. You can include up to 2 outgoing links to your own websites. Outgoing links to helpful related authority sites (like Wikipedia) are fine and encouraged. Any and all links may include the “Nofollow” tag.

6. Every article or guest post must be at least 500 words in length, preferably over 1000.

7. We do accept “sponsored posts” occasionally. We can create an interesting, professionally-written post for your company, product, or brand if you’d like. You can also submit a pre-made post, but it still must follow the guidelines listed above. Please contact us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: We are very “picky” about what we choose to post here. If you plan to submit a low-quality, poorly-written article just to get a link, please don’t waste your time or our time. Thank you!

The main thing to keep in mind is quality. If the article you submit is well-written and provides very useful fitness-related information to our readers, we are usually very happy to post it! 🙂

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