Green Coffee Bean Supplements May Not Help You Lose Weight After All

photo of fresh green coffee beansOne of the most popular of the “Dr. Oz Miracle Supplements” may not be as good as we thought, at least according to the results of a new research study from Australia. All those supposedly healthy compounds found in unroasted coffee seeds — including chlorogenic acid, hydroxycinnamic acid, GCA, Svetol, antioxidants, etc. — didn’t help a group of mice avoid weight gain on a 3-month high-fat diet.

And here’s the even worse news: the mice fed a chlorogenic acid-based green coffee extract every day became much more insulin-resistant than the mice who didn’t get the diet supplement. High insulin-resistance is associated with type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, metabolic syndrome, and other serious health problems. So that’s not good at all.

Obviously humans are quite a bit different than mice, so green coffee bean products may not have the same effects on us. But this study definitely does show that brand-new weight loss “wonder supplements” may have more risks — and far fewer benefits — than most people realize. It also shows that Dr. Oz needs to slow his roll a bit when it comes to hyping new supplements!

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Photo by kumaravel

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