Big Weight Loss Success Stories from Joy Bauer

photo of a yummy kale chipGoing from obese to slim and fit is one of the hardest things a person can do. But it’s definitely not impossible, especially if you use one or more proven diet, exercise, and motivational strategies.

The other day celebrity nutrition expert Joy Bauer spotlighted some pretty amazing “big weight loss” success stories on the Today show.

Check out the video below:

So there you have it. These are some very useful and practical weight loss methods…

  1. Control your appetite and consume fewer calories by eating high-fiber vegetables (kale chips baby!!) and tasty, low-fat dips on a regular basis.
  2. Find a meaningful reason for losing weight and use an easily-accessible visual reminder for motivation (and possibly attend a “fitness boarding school”).
  3. Utilize mindful eating, self-discipline, and a hunger scale to limit how many calories you consume.
  4. Use wearable fitness tracking devices like the Jawbone Up bracelet and the Fitbit gadgets to closely monitor calorie burning and “gamify” your fitness progress!

What do you think about these big weight loss success stories? Leave your feedback below!


photo by: digiyesica

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