5 of the Best ‘Easy’ Weight Loss Tricks

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Cut out the crap & stick to the basics!

Losing weight doesn’t have to be as hard as most people make it. It doesn’t require complex plans, crazy diets, weird products, expensive supplements/drugs, or any of that kind of stuff.

In fact, weight loss can be relatively ‘easy’ if you know a few tricks. Below is a list of 5 of the best tactics for getting better weight loss results in a faster, easier manner. Enjoy…

1. Don’t waste time on crap that doesn’t work.

Most ‘quick fix’ weight loss solutions simply don’t work very well. Don’t waste your time trying to lose pounds with fat-burner pills, appetite suppressants, cheap infomercial gadgets, starvation diets, or unproven fad supplements (e.g. green coffee extract!).

Real weight loss comes only by combining smart exercise with a proper diet, often with some quality supplementation thrown in.

2. Avoid Highly-Processed, Low-Quality ‘White’ Carbs

Cutting out all white sugar, breads, pastas, cereals, white rice, and other highly-refined carbs is one of the simplest way to achieve fast, easy weight loss results. These ‘white’ carbs spike your blood sugar levels and cause your body to pump out insulin, which then turns all those low-quality carb calories into new body fat.

Cut them from your diet and you’ll look and feel better quickly, guaranteed!

3. Eat High-Fiber ‘Good’ Carbs

Healthy carbohydrate foods and quality proteins should form the basis of your diet. Good carbs are the natural, unprocessed, whole foods our bodies are designed to consume.

Feel free to fill yourself up on vegetables, beans, and legumes. Also, eat a couple pieces of fresh fruit every day. These fiber-rich and relatively low-calorie carbs fill your stomach, quench your hunger, and leave you feeling GOOD after you eat them.

4. Take Food With You

Too many of us don’t ‘plan ahead’ when it comes to eating. The simple act of preparing healthy meals ahead of time and taking them with you can help you lose a LOT of weight easily.

You won’t be dependent on restaurant/street food, you’ll know exactly what you’re consuming, and you won’t get so hungry to the point that you lose all self control and pig-out at the local Asian buffet!

5. Snack Before You Eat

Try eating a  small, preferably high-fiber, protein-rich, and/or healthy fat-containing snack about 30 minutes before meals. An apple with a bit of natural peanut butter is a good example. So is a couple pieces of beef jerky with an orange. You’ll be amazed at how much more self-control you have and how many fewer calories you consume during your ‘big’ meals!

Here’s a video with some more of the top ‘easy’ weight loss tips:

More good stuff: 6 Easy Weight-Loss Tricks That Don’t Involve Dieting

That’s it. Tell us what you think and share your own fat loss tips below!



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