Animal Flow Exercise: The Next Hot Workout Trend?

Animal Flow workout in a parkThe “Animal Flow” system is a relatively new type of bodyweight training that involves jumping around like a crazy, drunk monkey in your local park.

OK not really but… well, actually… yes, really… kind of.

It’s marketed as a  “primal” workout that combines “animalistic” movements, gymnastics, Parkour, and even break dancing moves into one very, very strange unique workout. It’s a total body workout, usually done outdoors, designed to be fluid, intense, creative, and fun.

Some are predicting Animal Flow workouts to be one of the next big things in fitness in 2014 and beyond. It is, apparently, already very popular in some places.

We love bodyweight training as well as free-flowing workouts that allow you to derive maximum pleasure while you’re exercising. Not really sure if Animal Flow is going to catch on everywhere but we definitely plan to give it a try sometime soon!

Here are some intro videos to give you an idea of what Animal Flow workouts are all about:

What do you think? Leave your questions, comments, and reviews below!  🙂

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